Marzipan Truffles

True chocolate connoisseurs are sure to appreciate Pobeda’s original chocolate truffle recipe. A smooth creamy core rests on a fluffy layer of marzipan, prepared from the finest ground almonds, carefully sourced by our experts.

Smooth, creamy chocolate filling at the heart of each truffle is ready to melt on your tongue. 

Each truffle

is sprinkled with cocoa powder or coated in mellow Italian mascarpone icing.

The ingredients are exclusively natural, and include ground cacao beans, rich cocoa butter and fresh cream.  The marzipan component is a classic mixture of fine almond paste, lovingly combined with sugar.  

An authentic chocolate truffle is always a smooth, delicious little miracle, created for you by Pobeda Confectionery SIA. 

Marzipan Truffles — 1