About Us

SIA Pobeda Confectionery (LLC) is an international company established in 2014, a manufacturer of chocolate and sugar confectionery, most widely known for its chocolate bars and candies. Pobeda has a production facility on the territory of the Free Port of Ventslips, Latvia.

Its core brands include “Pobeda”, “Hidden Hearts”, “Amare”, “Bear Family” and “Axiome”.

Since its first days, Pobeda has remained a family-owned enterprise, the company is entirely held by the Muravyev family.

Pobeda’s confectionery plant in Ventspils is of more than 2 700 sq. meters.  All manufacturing processes are automated, that enables a meticulous control of the product quality standards compliance.   

One of the keystones of Pobeda’s approach to chocolate manufacturing is a painstakingly precise selection of raw materials and product ingredients.   

The three central principles of the company’s policy include the exclusive use of high quality ingredients, systematic and thorough audits of its suppliers, and ensuring the compliance of all ingredients with quality standards, adopted by the EU (EFSA) and the US (FDA) safety and quality requirements.

Pobeda products’ world-class quality and safety are certified in accordance to the BRC Global Standards, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2005.

The company distributes and plans to expand its products distribution in the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Israel, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and the USA.